Val’s Spiny Dogfish vs Toxic Shot: 2-2

What’s more depressing than watching your favorite team instead of playing for it? Showing up to watch and having it be Team Photo day! D’oh.

If I had remembered that it was picture day, I’d have brought my jersey to wear for the team photo. Ah well, at least I was there to stand amongst my uniformed teammates. 😉

It was fun to watch The Fish play today. I enjoyed cheering and yelling and banging on the glass, and the refs let me hang out with my teammates so long as I stood behind the bench. We played a good game against Toxic Shot; the main thing that kept us from winning, in my humble opinion, was that people played hard shifts, so by the time our forwards got the puck, they dumped it for a line change instead of being able to run it up to the goal. I think if we had had more shots on goal, we could have won. But we didn’t lose! And Toxic Shot is a really good team. So, go us!

I told everyone I was a “maybe” for the Fishies’ next game this Friday. I’ll go watch again even if I’m not playing, and this time, I will remember the jersey. 🙂

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