Val’s Spiny Dogfish vs 5 Alarm Chilis: 3-2

Another awesome game by Val’s Spiny Dogfish last night. πŸ™‚ I was worried that my yelling and cheering was annoying, but a couple of gals said they were glad I came. So, yay! It’s fun to watch because it gives me ideas of things to work on in my own game.

We had a really strong D last night (great job, Claire, Betsie, Jeannie, Joanne, and Andrea!!). They may have scored two, but there were 10 times that many that the D and goalie kept out of the net.

Red was there as a forward line coach, and it was really fun to listen to him. He has my favorite coaching style — his advice is clear, concise, and accurate. I’d be wise to remember that if I ever have to coach anyone (god help that poor team).

Liz and Val (of “Val’s Spiny Dogfish” fame) arrived partway through the game, and I talked to them a bit afterwards. Well, I talked to Liz and made googoo faces at Val. It’s always wonderful to see them. πŸ™‚

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