Mirage vs Desert Thieves: 4-2

Not that I was playing in the game. 🙁

Peter and I went to go watch my Ice Oasis team play yesterday afternoon. It was fun to hang out on the bleachers by the bench and cheer. I’m quite sure a few of my teammates had no idea who I was because they didn’t recognize me without all my gear on. 😉

I’m starting to be done with the novelty of not being able to play hockey. At least I’m down to 9 ibuprofen a day now, with no vicodin, so perhaps the rink is back in sight. Sigh.

Today I’m going to Fremont to watch the Val’s Spiny Dogfish game. More cheering, more non-playing.

[Update: Oops, just kidding on the “no vicodin” part. Apparently wrestling a shopping cart at the grocery store is a no-no. Back to the hydrocodone I go.]

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