There’s something to wedding registries

I was always kinda sketchy on the idea of having a gift registry for our wedding next year. I mean, I understand the reasoning behind it, and do I love it when friends have registries so that I know what they want. But when you’ve been with someone for eight years and have already been living together for three…we already have sheets and towels, y’know?

But then I realized that I could make online registries from the comfort of my own living room while I’m sitting here icing my neck and NOT RIDING and NOT PLAYING HOCKEY.

So I added registries for three stores yesterday…and then added our Very First Item onto a registry.

A Craftsman 21-piece easy-to-read metric impact socket set.

Maybe there’s something to gift registries after all. *purr*

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6 Responses to There’s something to wedding registries

  1. Kim says:

    Personally I prefer registeries full of things it sounds like the couple will actually *use*, and that reflect their personalities and interests, you know? Impact socket set? Awesome. Ralph Lauren cloth napkins? Not so much.

  2. Michael says:

    Does Aerostich RiderWhereHouse have a wedding registry? Or maybe New Enough? 😉

  3. Ken Haylock says:

    Actually, nothing says ‘Congratulations on your nuptuals’ like a compressor, and a broad selection of air tools to go with it.
    You also can’t go wrong with large collections of sundries (assorted O-rings, nuts, bolts, set-screws, etc)

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