Tentative good news on the top case front…

I heard back from TwistedThrottle today; it was, in fact, the incorrect Givi adapter plate. They’re going to send out the correct one via 2-day mail today in the hopes that it’ll still arrive in time to use the rack this weekend. *thumbs up* The new (correct) Givi adapter plate is also apparently plastic, and thus hopefully weighs less than the massively heavy metal plate.

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  1. David Mahon says:

    I’ve just had exaclty the same thing. Looks like the rack for the Z750S will only take the new (plastic) plate with one mounting hole – and not the older (metal) plate with 3 mounting holes.
    All the racks for other bikes seem to have 3 holes in and would take either plate. But not the mighty Z750S!

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