Goodbye, break-in

The Z now has 1038 miles on it. No more break-in!

I was very sad to discover this morning that the stupid “don’t forget break-in!” sticker over the tach was not, in fact, held on by that static-cling window stuff, but instead by the strongest glue known to man. Looks like Goo Gone is in my future.

I continue to feel that 6k-8.5k on the Z is close to useless. Between 8.5k and redline (11.5k) is fine again, but damn, that midrange isn’t good.

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  1. Dawn says:

    Wow, I looked at the bikes in your household and it sounds like our home. My hubby has a 2005 Suzuki GSXR-1000, my bike is a 1997 Honda CBR-600, we have a Yamaha dirt bike and our four wheeler is a Kawasaki. But hubby loves his Suzuki. Oh, we also have a small bike a Rossini (I think) that he rides in our small town town events. He’s tried to teach me to ride, but I think I’m past the point of teaching, but I love to ride with him and watch them do stunts. Really enjoyed your page.

  2. SteveM says:

    Re: midrange, could you get the FI re-mapped?
    Another idea: take it back and get an FJR. I rode one this past weekend, and it makes adequate power over a wide powerband.*
    *I was in the mood for an understatement.

  3. Sharad says:

    I also wonder if something is off with the FI map on your bike. They might have had to monkey with settings to pass emissions.
    This dyno run on an ’05 doesn’t (to my unexpert eye at any rate) seem to show a drop off between 6-8.5 Krpm…

  4. carolyn says:

    Oh, it’s probably not “useless” in a dyno sense, more like “useless” in the sport-touring sense. Between 6-8.5k, the bike is amazingly buzzy…not just in the handlebars, but in the seat and footpegs, too, and the mirrors show nothing but trippy loops of light.

  5. Mike says:

    My ZX6R is a 2000 model, and the sticker is still there on the tach. I just finally gave up on it. (never tried Goo Gone, though)

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