Playing hooky

My job lately consists of going through lists of software bugs, reprioritizing said bugs, and — in my copious free time — hopefully fixing a couple of them. This is every bit as fascinatingly soul-crushing as it sounds. Thus, I took a couple of hours off yesterday afternoon to refresh my mind with a motorcycle ride.

The original plan was just to head up to Alice’s for lunch, but it was such a gorgeous day that it turned into a 100-mile trip.

Lunch was pretty good, though I was surprised to find that the Turkey California was a hot, not cold, sandwich. Live and learn. I started re-reading One Man Caravan while waiting for my food, which instantly made my day brighter and my work woes disappear. I just can’t stress out too much while sitting in the sun, reading a good book.

After lunch, I really wasn’t in the mood to head back to the endless bug list. I decided to go to the coast instead. It’d been a couple months since I’d seen the ocean, which is inexcusable, really.

I hit a good rhythm on Hwy 84. I maintained a pretty constant 35-45mph through the upper, twisty, section…everything seemed to gel and the bike happily flicked through corners. I may not be the fastest rider out there by far, but hey, I have fun. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Once I got to Hwy 1, I parked in the San Gregorio Beach lot and wandered on the beach a little.

What fun are waterproof boots if you can’t test ’em out from time to time?

It was a warm afternoon — unusual for the coast in April. The sun felt good and I didn’t even mind schlepping my tankbag around on the beach.

Eventually, I wandered away from the water and back up to the bike. I headed north on Hwy 1 up towards Half Moon Bay. Traffic was pretty light and the views of the coastline were spectacular as always.

I stopped in the Cameron’s parking lot to enter it into my GPS and to photograph my bike with the bus. ๐Ÿ™‚

I love Cameron’s — it has great lemonade for motorcycle rides and great beer when not on the bike.

Sadly, after Half Moon Bay I really did need to head back south. I hopped on eastbound Hwy 92 with a whole bunch of people who apparently do not know how to drive. I must have missed the memo that it was Drive Real Slow on 92 Day.

So that was my afternoon. It ended up being almost exactly 100 miles and gave me just the break from work that I’d needed. Unfortunately, today I’m back in my cube and staring at the sun outside through the window. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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