Dirt, here I come!

Operation Load and Unload Bike Alone was a huge success!

It took me a few tries to get the Serow into the pickup, but once I started from a bit further back, I had no problems at all. Zoom up into the truck!

Getting it down was a little creepier, but I got it on the first big try! *takes a bow* I was hesitant at first and then decided, “aw, screw it” and just went for it. 😉

Oh, for what it’s worth, we have two ramps (well, I think they’re technically Cat’s *grin* Hey, Cat, mind if I keep borrowing your ramps?), each about a bike-width wide. The bike went up/down one while I walked on the other.

This makes me very happy, as now I know that I can take the truck/Serow combo on day/weekend trips alone.

Tomorrow I go to Cycle Gear for motocross boots and cheap textile pants.

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