New bike: new avenues for consumerism

So, after posting my last entry, I realized that (a) I had nothing to do and (b) Cycle Gear is open until 8pm on Friday nights.

I drove down to the store with the intent to “just look around” (yes, ha, funny). I wandered around the motocross section for a little while before enlisting the help of Spencer, who ended up being the single most helpful employee I have ever encountered in a motorcycle store. If any muckity mucks from Cycle Gear are reading this, give Spencer at your San Jose store a fat ol’ raise.

To make a long story short, Spencer had me try on three pairs of motocross boots and about six pairs of textile pants. Everything he found me was on the clearance rack, earning him even more brownie points. 😉

Here’s what I ended up with:

Fox Racing Off-Road Tracker Boots


They’re black, they fit well, and I feel like a Stormtrooper. Thumbs up all the way around.

I couldn’t decide between two of the pairs that Spencer brought me, so since they were both on clearance, I bought both. 😉

Gericke Moto-Mesh Pants


These are summer-weight, mesh pants. I have to admit that part of the reason that I bought these is that they fit, ahem, really nicely. The armor most likely isn’t rated for any significant speed (I don’t think I’d feel comfortable wearing these on the SVS, for example), but they’ll be perfect for summertime dirt riding.

Frank Thomas Saboteur Pants


These pants are waterproof with a removeable winter liner. The armor is more substantial (and includes hip as well as knee pads) in case I go on any longer rides through more trafficked areas.

Overall, I’m thrilled with my purchases. Everything fits, looks good, and was on sale. 😉 Thanks, Spencer!

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3 Responses to New bike: new avenues for consumerism

  1. carolyn says:

    > I am the boot developer for Fox Racing… so it’s always nice to see a satisfied
    > customer.
    Oh, cool! Well, I’ve actually ridden in them now, so I can definitely say that I like them. 😉
    I did have a hard time with the buckles a few times — [description for benefit of non-boot-owners or designers] so, you know how there’s a little metal rod on the boot part of the buckle, and then a hook piece on the strap part of the buckle? When I’m trying to take the boot off, I’ll undo the buckle, but half the time the hook stays wraped around the rod and I have to sort of twist the strap to pry it off.
    I’m hoping that it’s just a matter of finding a trick. 😉
    Other than that, I’m lovin’ em! They’re even (relatively) comfy to walk around in — before buying boots, I had visions of clomping around in a ski boot gait. 😉
    The Rich Oliver school sounds really neat…gonna have to read more on that when I’m not late to work. 😉

  2. Doug Adler says:

    Actually, the buckle won’t come off issue, is related to the pin in the buckle base. the vendor applied too much force to them, and some of the pins bent a little, making the buckle lever hard to dis-engage. To verify that the base pin is the problem, try attaching the sticky buckle lever to the base next to it. If it engages/dis-engages easily, you have bent pins. If the lever sticks on all pins, you have a bad lever. Either way, it’s your lucky day. If you tell me which parts are giving your grief, I will send you new ones!!!
    Email me at with what you need and a mailing address and I will get some spares out to you immediately.

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