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Oh, that figures

Well, I suppose the good thing about a weather map like this is that there’s pretty much nowhere in the US that won’t suck. So I may as well be on the road for it. 😉

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Leaving for WI tomorrow!

Tomorrow begins the three-week-ish bike trip to the homeland. I’ll probably blog about it a little bit — a picture here, a story there — but I want most of my writing energy to go into personal notes. So there … Continue reading

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WCRM write-up

Woo, here’s the ’05 WCRM write-up.

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WCRM Pictures

I’m working on a write-up of the weekend (yes, really!) but in the meantime, here are a few of my favorite photos: Kurt (kurtw) and Peter heading east on Hwy 36: Kurt (kurtw), Peter, and Dave on Forest Service Road … Continue reading

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Paso Robles pictures

I don’t really want to stress out about doing a write-up for Peter’s and my ride to/around Paso Robles last weekend. So I’ll post the pictures now and if I get around to a write-up, good; if not, eh. Click … Continue reading

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