Paso Robles pictures

I don’t really want to stress out about doing a write-up for Peter’s and my ride to/around Paso Robles last weekend. So I’ll post the pictures now and if I get around to a write-up, good; if not, eh.

Click here for Paso Robles pictures

Tomorrow, we’re going up to Sears Point for the AMA races. Hooray!

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3 Responses to Paso Robles pictures

  1. Kansas says:

    I’m living in the wrong state. There is nothing like that around here. Lucky dog.

  2. Curtis G. says:

    Nice. What is it about motorcyclists that we feel compelled to take pictures of our bikes in scenic locations? šŸ™‚

  3. Ich says:

    Chimney Rock … I’m mentally adding that to the list of dead end roads worth going up just to turn around and savor it a 2nd time coming back down

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