Impending unemployment

I’m somewhat reticent about this topic, since I know that the natural reaction is jealousy. Y’all will just have to believe me that there were a lot of non-enviable situations leading up to it.

I’m taking a leave of absence from my job for the summer. The gist is that I leave, soon, and come back in a couple of months to a completely new job at the company*.

* Officially, of course, they may not have a job for me when I get back; that’s one of the risks I took.

I’ve been doing the same exact thing for five years and, sadly, that thing gets no respect or recognition within this company. I do, however, love my coworkers and the company, so I didn’t want to quit outright. Besides, I haven’t exactly found anyone to pay me a software engineer’s salary to ride my motorcycle and write about it.

The upshot is that I’ll be doing a lot of riding. Mostly day trips (did I mention this leave is unpaid? šŸ˜‰ ), but I’m still doing the Hug the Curve tour and will make it out to Wisconsin to see my folks.

I most likely won’t be blogging the latter. I’m in a bad place, mentally, and am quite looking forward to taking an unplanned, unscheduled, open-ended trip where I don’t need to answer to anyone.

I know I want to go to Mt Rushmore and the Crazy Horse memorial, since my dad loved it and I was too young to appreciate our visit there. My WI trip is ostensibly to see him, and I’m looking forward to asking my mom what my dad loved so much about South Dakota (my dad has advanced Alzheimers and, though asking him directly would undoubtedly be amusing, it may not be very productive šŸ˜‰ ).

I’ll be around for another couple of weeks, and, of course, I’ll be at the West Coast Regional Meet. But don’t freak out if I’m a bit AWOL after that.

(though odds are good that I’ll make a Chicagoland ST.n coffee meet thanks to the glorious Stargzrgrl.)

…off to loot my own cube now. And order new brake pads. And new tires. Eek, expensive leave of absence.

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11 Responses to Impending unemployment

  1. Eric says:

    Have great visit with your dad and a wonderful summer poof. I have always wanted to take a summer off . Glad you got to!.

  2. Alan says:

    Hooray for you! Sanity is underrated and undervalued.
    You may be hurting for cash, but you’ll get to see dead Presidents carved into a big stone mountain instead of printed on green paper. šŸ™‚

  3. tedder says:

    Contact me if you want crash space/garage space/tools in Seattle. We have a nice little guest room.

  4. Linda says:

    No jealousy here. Sorta sad that you’re hurting. Riding for long periods of time in the middle of nowhere seems to lead to self-finding moments. Those are useful.
    Linda, who is editing-writing a book.

  5. Bill says:

    Hi Carolyn – I have done the road trip thing the last two summers, it is a great way to get a handle on things. Alone for hours at a time allows plenty of time to ponder. Been to Mt Rushmore, Badlands, etc. That part of the country is one of my favorites. Check out Spearfish Canyon while in SD.
    As you will not doubt discover, openended trips are great. No one to answer to, no deadlines, etc.
    I hope you get out of it what you need. Good luck and have fun.

  6. Spike says:

    Carolyn –
    Welcome back to the land of cheese and beer. Since you mentioned tires (I’m assuming for your SV650S) what kind do you get? Metz4s? I need a new rear for mine and was thinking of switching to some Dunlops. Oh, and of course good luck with….everything.

  7. Kansas says:

    A good ride sounds like it’s in order. When I decided to quit my management job I thought that my life was really screwed up. I went out for more rides than I normally could because of my work schedule. By the time I got back from my long rides I noticed how much more at peace I was with everything. Hell, I even figured out what I want out of life (which is a big thing for me).
    So what am I trying to say? Enjoy your ride and free time off. Don’t think about work and all the pestering bills at home. Leave it all at home. Once you get back from your adventure you’ll notice whats important and what you want out of life.
    Things will work out for you. Maybe not exactly like you thought it would, but it’ll still happen reguardless.
    Ride on lil’ lady! :p

  8. sharad says:

    I’m planning on using the ride up and around and back to the West Coast regional as my decision making time. Got a critical job/life decision to make as well and just need time alone. I tried rock climbing this weekend, but haven’t lead a climb in a very long time and I simply scared myself silly. Not very effective. And decision time is coming up soon…
    Time on the bike in spectacular scenery is a good remedy.

  9. hollyjean says:

    hey! Madison is a great place to stop for awhile, too! I have a loft full of birds and an insane cat. You could go canoeing! Or not. Hope everything is peaceful and lovely.

  10. Raven Lee says:

    Sorry to hear about the job situation. Hope things work out for you. And please blog about Wisconsin. We never get any exposure. šŸ˜›

  11. capt. midnight says:

    kinda envious of you, heading out on a road trip with time off. it can be a scary time wondering about the future, but the wonderfull thing about a road trip is the peace and inner healing it brings. america is a great place. to bad most of us take it for granted. the mt. rushmore area had alway inspired me with its natural and manmade beauty. i getting ready to do a road trip myself to the smokey mountain. i would hope you take your time, grab onto all the good moments and ride safe.

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