A full truck is a happy truck

I took the truck out for a spin yesterday afternoon — like y’all said, it was a breeze. I missed one shift on the freeway, trying to downshift from 5th to 4th, but other than that there was nary a snag.

Peter was at hockey skills practice when I got back, so I decided to be really stupid and load the Serow into the truck by myself. It actually went well (the truck’s been lowered — bad news for speed bumps but good news for solo bike-loading). I was glad I weight-lift, though, or I may have ended up wearing the Serow as a hat once or twice. *innocent*

When Peter got home, we left the bike in the truck and ran a couple of errands to see how the handling was affected — as far as we could tell, it wasn’t.

I was going to try to get the bike out of the truck myself, too, with Peter spotting me, but I wussed out. I got it lined up with the ramps and started backing it up, but got really scared. So Peter did it this time, while I watched, and I think I can do it next time. We’ll practice this week. I really need to be able to load and unload the truck alone — I’m trying to be confident about this. 😉

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