Lazy Sunday thoughts

ooocha oocha ooocha
Mmm, life is good. I have beer, a cut-up apple with peanut butter, and MotoGP on the telly (don’t worry; no spoilers here).

I really like the cartoony MotoGP intro this year. I wish I had any sort of graphic design talent, so that I could make a little flash animation of a cartoon Carolyn riding around to a techno backbeat. Ooocha Ooocha Ooocha!

The MotoGP commentators make me happy because they actually sound like they’re enjoying watching the race. You can hear excitement and suspense in their voices. The AMA commentators sometimes sound as though they’re half-asleep. Granted, there hasn’t been a real contender in AMA since Mladin was out with an injured hand a few years ago, but still. I always have overly optimistic hopes for Actual Competition in AMA, but MotoGP seems like it may truly have some suspense this season.

Plus, MotoGP has boys with sexy accents. I think there should be more sexy accents in AMA. Heck, more sexy accents in general is fine.

no one died!
The Wind Dancers ride yesterday went really well. At least, people seemed to have fun and they’re smiling in the photos. 😉

There ended up being 8 of us: Laura, Prue, Akili, Jenny, Lily, Sonya, Genia, and me. 2 sportbikes, 3 metric cruisers, 2 Harleys, and one thumper standard. A great mix!

Everyone but Prue, who arrived 10 seconds after we took this picture

I think this was the first time that Akili, Jenny, Lily, and I had all been together since we rode back from Arizona in 2003. I don’t see any of those girls nearly enough, so it meant a lot to me that they were willing to come to my ride.

Akili brought her cousin, Sonya, too, which was really neat. I didn’t find out until the last stop that it was only Sonya’s second time in the twisties! If only I’d done a third as well as her on my second time out… 😉

But, yeah. It was a fun ride and we all had fun chatting and riding and hanging out.

Akili and Jenny at our lunch stop

Neat tree at Chitactac-Adams park

Everyone minus Akili (who took the pic) at Chitactac-Adams park

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