Why no one will eat lunch with me.

Danger had a little Octoberfest BBQ at lunch today, so some friends and I were sitting on the curb in a roped-off part of the parking lot. While we were talking, I looked down and noticed a nut (as in “…and bolt”) on the ground.

“Hey,” I interrupted, “is that your nut?” *
“Why no,” said Justin, who was closest to it and happens to also ride motorcycles. He picked it up and started looking at it.
“Hey, I want that,” I said. “Gimme.”
“You want the nut?” Justin handed it over. By now about a half-dozen people are staring at us.
“I dunno,” Justin continued. “It’s kinda crappy and aluminum.”
“Yeah,” I agreed. “But, hey, free nut.” Justin nodded. “Free nut.”

* No one wants to overhear this at a company event, I found out.

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