Hooray for 45-tooth sprocket!

My new 45-tooth rear sprocket for the SVS just arrived via FedEx. It’s one of those moments where a will of steel is required to keep working from home, as opposed to dropping everything to go put the sprocket on. Thankfully, I’m almost done with my task du jour, so I’ll be in the garage soon enough.

When I put on the last chain and sprocket kit, I decided to try a 46-tooth rear. I didn’t like it. At all. I tried to get used to it. I gave it a month — a month of commuting, of day trips, of twisties. When, after 30 days and 1000 miles, I still hated it, I gave up and ordered a 45-tooth rear.

I’m so looking forward to having my old gearing back. *bounce* I’m sorry, 45-tooth rear! I will never doubt again!

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  1. sharad says:

    What were the downsides to the 46 tooth rear sprocket?
    From my recollection, stock gearing on the SVS is 15 front, 44 rear; on the unclothed SV it’s 15F/45 rear. So, it looks like you’ll wind up with the same gearing as me. From riding on the track last week, I actually thought that it would be better to have a lower gear ratio on my SV. Hence my interest in your critique of the 46T rear.

  2. Michael says:

    I would imagine it has to do with how many revs the motor turns in top gear on the highway. I’ve been considering a 44T for the SV I just got since it is spinning a good amount of revs when I’m on Atlanta interstates (where average traffic flows at 80+ mph). 46T would have to be even worse than my 45T.

  3. Alex says:

    Admit it Carolyn… you were just tired of getting tickets from doing wheelies.. šŸ˜›
    Its amazing the gearing differences. While my 900SS actually puts out less horsepower than your SV650, the torque curve is completely differnent with the longer stroke of the SS’s motor. I have a 35T rear sprocket stock. I cant imagine putting anything bigger on the rear, for feel that I’d be popping 4th gear wheelies on entrance ramps.

  4. carolyn says:

    The 46-tooth was fun in the right conditions (i.e. when I needed to pass someone instantaneously), but was really hard on my wrists/forearms otherwise. I was finding myself upshifting to 3rd gear almost immediately on city streets, and being miserable on the freeway (80mph is ~8k RPM). Waaay too buzzy for those of us with messed up wrists and arms.
    Stock on the SVS is 44, yes — I first went to a 45 in February ’03. I kept the 45 at my next chain/sprocket change (spring ’04), and then went to 46 in early September ’04.
    I single-handedly keep the chain and sprocket people in business, I think.

  5. radeone says:

    what about the svs and sv chain sizes are they 520, 525, i really dont know but i cant find it anywhere.

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