An oddly productive day

I had a very schizophrenic day today, productivity-wise.

First off, I’m still bravely battling off the death flu that my dearest love found fit to bestow upon me at the Pacific Rally. Sore throat, sniffles, sinus yuck, plugged up ears, muscle soreness, asthma-enhanced lung-tightness…this one’s a doozy. Hopefully I’m getting it all out of the way now and won’t be sick again for the rest of the year. Ha. Well, it’s a happy dream.

Today was another “fight to stay focused” day at work. I wasn’t even taking any cold/sinus meds, and I just couldn’t follow a linear thought. My brain kept bouncing all over things, sticking obsessively to really minute details of bugs I’m working on, and then completely missing entire big-picture points made in meetings or over email. That sort of thing.

I mention this because of how wonderfully it worked out once I got home. I decided to putter around on the Bandit a little more. There’s one particular issue that’s been nagging me a little bit, so I put my shleppy clothes on and went out to play. Once again, my brain bounced all over, but now it was sort of fun, and I just kind of followed my mind around. If it got obsessed with a hypothesis, I went with it — looked up symptoms online, dug through books, etc — and when I got bored with it, I went on to the next thing.

After a little while, I started getting a gut feeling of what was causing this particular problem. Nothing concrete, but a general….inkling.

About four hours later, I think I have a decent grasp on at least one of the problems. I’m being intentionally vague, because I’m still troubleshooting/brainstorming with myself. I’ve mentioned some of the issues on ST.n and on MC-USA if you’re really curious.

I’m also making good headway on the Haines Highway article. I did some hacking and slashing last night, cutting out some parts entirely or moving bits around, and I’m liking it a lot better now. It’s close. It really is.

Now to just fight off the damn flu and start exercising and thinking at work again.

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