RoadBike article is a go!

Woo, the Alaska Highway article passed through the editorial and photography department gauntlets, and is going to officially go on their schedule! Huzzah! Jessica estimates it’ll be in the magazine next spring sometime; I’ll definitely let y’all know as soon as I find out.

I’ve fallen in love with RoadBike’s photo department, who passed some tips along to me through Jessica. As I’m a writer first and photographer second, I really appreciate their taking the time to help edjimikate me. Also, I’m happy to report that they were “technical” problems (the slides were a little grainy, which could have been my film or the developing lab…?) and not issues with composition.

Do any of you folks out there in WebLand use digital cameras for magazine submissions? I use a 5-megapixel camera and have been shooting in the “super large” resolution mode — should I be using “RAW” mode instead?

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