Assembling a home gym

Peter and I went to Sears today, “just to look”, and ended up with a pretty nice start to a home gym. We were a little concerned that said gym would end up costing a million bazillion dollars, because I was pretty dead set on free weights, and he wanted a machine.

(decent article on machines vs. free weights)

Fortunately, Sears came through for us by having almost all of last year’s everything on UberSale.

My new toys:

  • Weider Pro 235 weight bench
  • Weider 100-lb weight set, including:
    • 1 standard-size barbell bar
    • 2 standard-size dumbbell bars
    • 6 2.5-lb weight plates
    • 4 5-lb weight plates
    • 4 10-lb weight plates

  • 3 pairs of spring-loaded collars (I didn’t like the collars that came with the weight set)

Peter’s new toy:

  • Weider home gym, whose model number I don’t know offhand

I ended up getting 25% off the weight bench and 40% off the weight set. After some discussion with me and negotiation with the Sears guy, Peter took the Weider home gym floor model and got an impressive 60% off the price.

We brought the weight bench home today but have yet to set it up. The weights had to be ordered, and will be in on Friday. Peter goes back to Sears later this week to help disassemble the floor model and hope they can track down a service manual for it (for reassembly).

Woo! The best part is that we actually sort of have room for all of this stuff…luckily neither of us has a problem with a weight machine in the kitchen.

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