Wind Dancers EOM Putt

Today was the Wind Dancers End of the Month Putt. There ended up being just three of us: myself, Laura, and Barb. We sat around Starbucks for much longer than usual, drinking coffee and chatting, and eventually decided to head for the coast.

Long story short, we took Hwy 880 to Hwy 17 to Old Santa Cruz Highway. I hadn’t been on it in a long time (my dominant memory of the road is of riding pillion on my 2000 birthday ride). The temperature rose to close to 100 degrees as we rode along Summit and Soquel-San Jose Roads — we stopped at the Summit Store for a “shade break” and some Gatorade for me. I was getting sort of groggy, as I’d had lots of rum drinks at yesterday’s Danger Sidekick II party, not enough water, and now way too much hot weather.

Fortunately, it cooled off quite a bit as we entered Soquel, and when we stopped for lunch, it was a very tolerable 80F or so, with a nice breeze. We had quesadillas, tacos, and lots of water at Tortilla Flats restaurant on Soquel Drive. Yum!

After lunch, we hopped onto Hwy 1 and then back onto Hwy 17 to head home.

All pictures here.

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