Fitness updates

Doing pretty well; I’ve upped the weight of some exercises. Today I did:

Deltoid (Side): 45lb barbell upright row (2 sets X 6 reps)
Back (General): 40lb barbell bent-over row (2X6)
Trapezius (Upper): 45lb barbell shrug (2X6)
Deltoid (Rear): 40lb barbell rear delt row (2X6)
Biceps: 35lb barbell curl (2X6)
Brachialis: 10lb dumbbell preacher curl (2X10)
Brachioradialis: 10lb dumbbell hammer curl (2X8)
Wrist flexors: 10lb dumbbell wrist curl (2X10)
Wrist extensors: 8lb dumbell reverse wrist curl (2X10)

I may lower the weight on the bent-over row and the rear delt row, though. I’m not convinced my form was very good — I have a suspicion that I was just sort of bending over and flailing. 😉

This weekend is the annual Wind Dancers Pacific Rally, and it’s in Petaluma — apparently the arm-wrestling capital of the world. I’ve been told there will be arm-wrestling contests, so I’m really psyched to find out how I do against the other gals. There are a couple of them who obviously work out and can probably whup my ass, but I think I’ll be able to hold my own. Hammer curls, hammer curls, hammer curls! 😉

Jumping rope is going well. I’m enjoying the DVD of tricks, etc., even though the Token Famous People who hoot and holler along with the instructor are a little scary. The man is so toned that his pecs jiggle when he jumps. They jiggle a lot. Peter walked in on me doing the DVD the other night and was like “please don’t ever end up looking like that creepy guy.”

Running isn’t going that well at all. No side stitches tonight (thanks for the tips — exhaling more forcefully definitely helped!), but once again my calves hurt so much that I couldn’t keep jogging. It’s really frustrating because my heart rate isn’t getting up high enough. I’m trying to drink enough water both before and during my jogs, and I’m stretching — anyone have any tips? It’s the lower half of my calves, below the gastrocnemius. It feels like a muscular pain, but….what’s down there? The soleus?

I bicycled for a whopping 2 miles last night, and it was harder than I expected. The first mile was uphill, but not even really noticeably so, and it was depressingly difficult. Ah well. The route was to/from a class I’m taking, so maybe next week it’ll be a tiny bit easier.

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