Another shot at Rider

It’s Take Two time for getting published in Rider — I just got the letter saying they’re interested in an article about the Haines Highway. After all the troubles with my photos last time, I’m hoping that this submission will go smoothly!

I’m really excited about writing this article in particular. The Haines Highway was really an amazing stretch of road: glaciers, mountains, lakes, twisties, grizzly bears… Plus, after doing a 1800-word article on the 1500-mile Alaska Highway, it’ll be nice to have 1500 words for just 150 miles. šŸ˜‰

This one’ll be work though — I somewhat optimistically said I’d have it done within three weeks of hearing their reply, and then naturally never started it. Sigh. I may need to get one of those big calendars on whiteboards so that I can keep track of when I promised what to whom. It’s a nice problem to have, though.

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