The full Sears Point report

Since it was our first time at the races, I decided to spend my entire frickin’ day writing up a little report from Sears Point. It turned out to be enormous, so rather than post it all here, it’s on the main site.

Our day at the races.

For the lazy, here’s the summary:

I went to the race track.

I drank a lot of beer.

Some guys rode around the track.

Mat Mladin was very fast.

The End.

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4 Responses to The full Sears Point report

  1. Geoff says:

    Howdy! Glad you could make it to the races on Saturday. I was at Sears Point (Infineon who?) all day on Sunday, so I just missed ya. We treked all over that dang place and determined that the turn 9 terrace seating was in fact the best place to sit. The Main Grandstands absolutely suck, regardless of where you sit! Anyhow, the highlight of Sunday’s festivities was getting to watch Mat “I’m too sexy for my fans” Mladin’s winning streak get broken, and seeing the two nicest guys in racing come out on top. I’m talking about Miguel and Jake, of course. What a couple of class individuals.
    Anyhow, if you thought that Sears Point was fun, you really ought (I live in N. Calif., so I can say “ought”) to go to the double-header at Laguna Seca.

  2. carolyn says:

    I’d like to get to Laguna eventually, but I always seem to be either out of town or just coming home from being out of town that weekend. This year, the race is like 5 days after I get home from Alaska, so if I’m awake, I’ll try and make it down there. 😀
    I heard that Sunday’s race was pretty freakin’ cool in person. After spending all day out on Saturday, though, I wasn’t complaning about watching the race from my living room. Lots less direct sunlight there. 🙂

  3. Geoff says:

    With regards to Eric Bostrom’s sideburns… instead of being nothing more than just a harmless, misguided fashion statement, I’m really starting to believe that they may serve some sort of practical racing purpose. You see, in addition to using his body weight to aid in cornering (body steering, weighting the inside peg, etc. etc. etc.), the aerodynamic drag produced by the “hog chops” probably aids considerably in cornering and breaking. If nothing else, those bushy little rascals would certainly provided some additional cushioning for his noggin in the event of a nasty get-off! Just a theory. 🙂
    However, since the race WAS sponsored by Supercuts….

  4. Mike/Sonic says:

    Hi Carolyn…belated Happy B-Day! Man, I was leaning on the fence right by that fire truck watching the motards with my buddy and the kids. We were probably 10 feet to the left of you guys…too bad…it would’ve been nice to see you again. Perhaps at the next ST-N dinner :).

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