Slave to fashion

I’d be so tempted to get these pants if they didn’t have the dorky zip-off legs. Armored black cargo pants? That’s a carolyn outfit if I’ve ever heard of one. 😉

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  1. Karl says:

    Those zip-off legs are kind of cool to have … and how can you look any more dorky when you’re already dressed like a power-ranger?

  2. Kim says:

    I think you should accept the zip-off legs and get some anyway. I mean, Dustin wears them, so they can’t be _too_ bad.

  3. carolyn says:

    Hey! Evil Robot is not dorky! Evil Robot is mean and scary! Rarrrrr!
    They would absolutely have to go over the boots, as I am not dorky enough to tuck my pants into my shoes (er, sorry, Peter). This, then, would make me paranoid that the legs would ride up if I were to crash.
    I think I’d better just stick with Evil Robot.

  4. Nathan Carey says:

    Check out (I think there is a US site, but you’re better off ordering the original anyway).
    They have a whole range of kevlar lined gear, it’s quite common here in Australia, I own a pair of the sport jeans which are just great.

  5. SprintST says:

    I have a pair of them. Excellent around town wear. I never use them as shorts though, but they are alot better than normal jeans. Unfortunatly the zipper head is on the inside of the thigh. Right where you(OK, I) hold onto the bike. If they aren’t just right it’s kind of distracting. Not to mention the chance of scratching up painted parts. As for riding up, there is a kind of elastic band you can tighten at the cuff. But then you(er, I again) end up looking like someone from an early Star Trek movie(patiented obscure reference)

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