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Braking habits

I was riding home from work last night, in the lefthand lane, during rush hour. I was paying a reasonable amount of attention and had a good following distance, so it rather surprised me to have to really lay on … Continue reading

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Saratoga and Stevens Canyon

I did one of the rides in South Bay Bike Trails on Wednesday afternoon. It’s a shortie — only about 10 miles — but I was only looking for a scenic way to my allergy shot. 😉 So, for you … Continue reading

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Front spark plug drain hole

Someone on Orkut’s SV community posted yesterday, inquiring about the front spark plug drain hole. It prompted me to finally go take a picture of the one on my bike, as this hole is a well-kept secret that can save … Continue reading

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Held luggage sale at

Looking for a good deal on tankbags? has some Held luggage at pretty amazing prices. I just picked up a gigantic Performance Tour tank bag for $70 including FedEx shipping — can’t beat that with a stick.

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Fork oil write-up

Peter and I swapped the fork oil in the SVS this weekend, so naturally, there’s a write-up. The maintenance went pretty well. I think it took a bit longer than either of us had planned, but we got some good … Continue reading

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