Saratoga and Stevens Canyon

I did one of the rides in South Bay Bike Trails on Wednesday afternoon. It’s a shortie — only about 10 miles — but I was only looking for a scenic way to my allergy shot. 😉

So, for you locals looking for a short jaunt:

  • Get down to Saratoga, the eastern terminus of Highway 9.
  • Take Highway 9 about 1.5 miles to Pierce Road. It’s a sharp uphill right-hander; follow the signs for the Paul Masson Winery.
  • Turn left onto Mt Eden road about a mile later. This one’s easy to miss; again, you want to follow the signs for the wineries.
  • Continue on Mt Eden for just over 2 miles, becoming more and more jealous of the people who own the houses that you’re riding past
  • At the stop sign, go straight onto Stevens Canyon Road.
  • The next mile or so on Stevens Canyon follows alongside the Stevens Creek Reservoir. The visitor parking areas can be busy on weekends, as a lot of people fish around here. Watch for cars. During the week, you’re more likely to see trucks carrying stuff to/from the nearby Permanente limestone quarry. Watch for quarry debris (sand, fine gravel) in the road, though it’s usually not heavy enough to cause wonky handling.
  • Stevens Canyon becomes Foothill Expressway once you get into Cupertino. It’ll intersect with Stevens Creek Rd, which is the main east-west thoroughfare to get you back to Hwy 85 or De Anza Rd (for Hwy 280).

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