I just finished charging up the new battery and realized that I was one teensy tiny letter off in the Yuasa code when I bought the battery. The damn thing is about a half-centimeter too tall to fit in the SVS. Rarrrr! Fortunately, it’s the right battery for the Superhawk, so I’ll just swap that one in. Sigh. It’s Unintentional Upgrades to the Superhawk Week.

Which means that I’ll be back at the dealership tomorrow for yet another battery. Take my money away! I wouldn’t be so rushed about it, but the rain is supposed to pause on Saturday, and I really want to take the SVS on the Women on Wheels monthly ride. I’ll take the Superhawk if I have no other choice, but damn, I miss riding my bike. Waahh.

Wahhhhh! Waaaaah! I whine at you because this is the Internet and that is what people do! Wah!

OK, now I go to bed.

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