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What? No bikes parked outside?

We used to have two bikes parked outside of our house; the white XT and the DRZ.  The XT was moved inside when the Beemer went to the shop, leaving only the DRZ.   But now it, too, is gone….also … Continue reading

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Ted Porter Beemer Shop Update #3

The base gasket just arrived in the shop today after being delayed by the Bulgarians for a few days.   So it's looking like around another week of shop time, assuming everything goes well from here on out.  At least … Continue reading

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Susie’s Squirrels vs We’re Not Tired!: 3-2

While hanging out at Give Hockey A Try Day on Saturday night, Liz asked me to sub for her Maroon team last night.  I think I said "yes!!" before she'd even finished asking. 😉 I wasn't sure that I'd recognize … Continue reading

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New gear day!

Yesterday was a great "new gear day" for both hobbies.  My new motorcycling pants arrived from NewEnough, plus Peter and I had a successful East/West Hockey outing. First up, the bike gear. First Gear HT Overpants 2.0 I suppose it's not terribly surprising that … Continue reading

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Ted Porter Beemer Shop Update #2

I've been up in Redmond for work this week, so I didn't get a chance to call Ted Porter's until this afternoon.  "Hi, my name is Carolyn Bierman and I have a a F650GS in there for…" "Carolyn! Hi! How … Continue reading

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