What? No bikes parked outside?

We used to have two bikes parked outside of our house; the white XT and the DRZ.  The XT was moved inside when the Beemer went to the shop, leaving only the DRZ.  

But now it, too, is gone….also to a shop.

Yes, dear readers, it is true…two of our six bikes are now *sniffle* at mechanic shops.  The shame! The shame!  

The DRZ hasn't idled correctly since, oh, about Colorado on our cross-country trip.  At the time, we thought it was just because the carb vacuum nipple cap had come off at some point, which we fixed temporarily with Rescue Tape (I love that stuff).  We replaced the cap at a dealership in Helper, UT when the bike got its new rear tire.

When we got home from the trip, we pulled the carb and cleaned it, which helped the idle for about a week, at which point we both said "eh, we'll deal with it after we move," and then never, y'know, dealt with it.

I did replace the petcock as that had some cracked and leaky gaskets, but it didn't help the idle problem, of course.

So, like I did with the Beemer, I looked at the bike and I looked at my calendar and thought, I just don't have time to deal with carburetors right now.  And off it went, this time to MDK Motorsports in Redwood City, which is a hell of a lot more convenient than Scotts Valley, where the Beemer is.  It's right next door to Ice Oasis, so we can visit the DRZ often. 😉

This leaves four bikes in the garage, one of which also isn't running, one of which still needs to be sold to Alison and Brandon, and one of which isn't street legal.  My stable fu, it is weak!
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