Susie’s Squirrels vs We’re Not Tired!: 3-2

While hanging out at Give Hockey A Try Day on Saturday night, Liz asked me to sub for her Maroon team last night.  I think I said "yes!!" before she'd even finished asking. šŸ˜‰

I wasn't sure that I'd recognize Julie, Liz's co-captain, so I looked up the roster for Susie's Squirrels before the game…and realized that I knew almost everyone on it!  I guess that shouldn't surprise me since I've skated with the Burninators a few times now, which is also Liz's team, but yay!  I wouldn't be alone on a big scawy Maroon bench! šŸ˜‰

I was really happy with how I played for the Squirrels.  My blue line fu was strong and I kept some strong plays in the zone . 

One of my favorite things about the game was going up against Murty, who was playing right wing for We're Not Tired!.  I'd really liked playing on Murty's line in Vacaville, so playing against her was a blast.  She got past me a few times, but I stopped her with poke checks a few times, too.  I never really have a problem going up against people I know and being physical (this has gotten me in trouble, oops) but Murty is a physical skater, too, so it was a bunch of fun.   After the game she punched me in the shoulder and said I was a tough cookie.  *beam*

Here's one of me (white jersey) and Murty (maroon jersey and white helmet):


I was playing on a D line with Gladys (also of Burninator fame and glory), which kept both of us giggling the whole game.  We were a +2 for the game, so we joked that our mere presence on the ice allowed the Squirrels to score (we were both subs for the team).   But then Marci and Tricia were out when our team scored, so there went that stellar theory. šŸ˜‰

Gladys and I:


I was really happy to get Peter's pictures of the game and see this shining example of the V position!! Thank you, Robby Glantz!


Overall, I had a really fun game and I played well despite still shaking off last week's cold.  A couple of people asked if I would be trying out for Maroon next month, which made me really happy.

Anyway, I'm glad I could help Susie's Squirrels emerge victorious against the top-ranked We're Not Tired!

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