Ted Porter Beemer Shop Update #2

I've been up in Redmond for work this week, so I didn't get a chance to call Ted Porter's until this afternoon. 

"Hi, my name is Carolyn Bierman and I have a a F650GS in there for…"

"Carolyn! Hi! How are you?"


This man sounded very happy to hear from me.  It was the same cheerful tone my new dentist had when I called to schedule the seven cavities and two root canals I needed.  It was the cheerful tone of someone whose children I was about to put through college.

"Well, we unearthed the head gasket and, you know what's funny?"

No, I did not know what was funny.

"We could see the head gasket was leaking from the side, but when we took the radiator off, we saw that the base gasket was leaking, too! But from the front, so you couldn't see it without the radiator off!"

Well, that certainly is funny!

"So we'll just pull that off too but of course we had to order a base gasket because almost no one blows those" — at this point, my coworker, whose office I was squatting in, is looking at me strangely because I'm rocking myself and making soft little noises — "and we'll just get part on in there too within the next week!"

So.  I have not only blown my HEAD gasket, I have blown my BASE gasket.  How do you even blow a base gasket?

"Haha," Mr Cheerful continued, "your bike must be trying to tell you something! It must be getting back at you!"

I'm now in the full fetal position.  My coworker is about to call 911.

I manage to get off of the phone with an agreement to talk to the mechanic again within the week.

So, I have at least another week of commuting on the XT.  Blargle.  Why must my bike with the heated gear hookup die during the rainiest/windiest/coldest time of the winter?  It must be trying to tell me something.

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