San Jose Burninators vs San Jose Bucktooth Angry Dolphins: 3-3

Man, this tourney is taking forever for me to write up!  OK, this is the last game.  Promise! Then I can start writing about *other* hockey games. πŸ˜‰

I was so glad to end the tourney against the Dolphins since it's always so much more fun to play against people you know.  They were a really strong team in this incarnation, beating us 2-0 in our pre-tournament scrimmage, and my personal goal was just to hold my own.

Once again my line was absolutely awesome, with Sharon and Murty scoring 2 of our 3 goals.  Once again I had no points at all for the game, but I choose to believe that my incredible and inspirational positioning set up the plays that let them score. *cough*.  πŸ˜‰

Light the lamp, Burninators!


Our tie in this game can clearly be attributed to Lucinda's, Sharyn's, and my matching patriotic headgear.


And that was the Vacaville tourney.  Points-wise, we tied with the Dolphins for 3rd place, but using the goal differentiator as a tie-breaker, well….you did notice we lost 0-9 on Sunday morning, right? πŸ˜‰


The Seals and the North Stars played for the championship (I hear the Seals won, 1-0), but Cheddah and I chose to head home instead of staying to watch — the weather was terrible and neither of us wanted to be stuck in traffic in the storm.

I don't know when the Burninators are playing next but I hope it's not too long!

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