San Jose Burninators vs Oakland Lady Seals II: 0-9

Oops, I totally forgot to blog after our games yesterday! My bad.

As you can tell from the score, this game was a total blowout.  The weirdest thing, though? We had a great time.

I've had Big Major Losses before that just weren't any fun at all — maybe the other team was just running up the score, or being unnecessarily physical, or condescending, or any number of things.  The Seals, though? They were just an amazingly good team with amazingly good players.  It'd be like us playing the Sharks or something…oh, Joe Pavelski just scored on me again? Bummer. 😉

Not terribly surprisingly, we spent a lot of time in our own defensive zone, which was really useful for me as a wing.  They cycled a lot, both with their offensive triangle and with their side triangles (center, right wing, right D, for example) and I learned a lot about where to be and who to be on the lookout for.

Rather than get psyched about goals, we cheered when we got a good play, or a good pokecheck, or a good deke.  The bench yelled just as loudly when we got the puck safely into the neutral zone as we normally would for winning a game. 😉

Everyone was smiling and cheery by the end and the after-game handshake was full of laughter and jokes.  "Single-Digit Cara" kept them from getting 10 goals and we figured that was victory enough. 😀

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