San Jose Burninators vs Vacaville Lady North Stars: 0-2

I don't know if they're actually from Vacaville, but I'm pretty sure
this is the North Stars' home rink.

Anyway, we played a great game but still lost 2-0. The North Stars are
a good team (they tied the Oakland Seals 1-1 this morning) and they had
great offense in particular. Cara did a phenomenal job — the shot
count must have been huge.

Sharon, Murty, and I played well together again. We had a few great
shots and plays but nothing went in the net. Ah well! I had a pretty
good game personally and I really got to apply some of the Robby Glantz
skills. I had two breakaways in particular that had potential —
promising for the future!

I brought my new Yamuna ball to this tourney and thank goodness. I don't
know how I played hockey before this thing. I'm lying on the hotel
floor now, typing this on my sidekick while rolling out my quads on the
ball. Ow ow ow, yay yay yay.

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