San Jose Burninators vs San Jose Black List: 4-2

Happy Valentine's Day!  We're spending the holiday in the romantic town
of Vacaville, CA, at the Capital Crown Tournament to raise money for
autism awareness/research.

Our first game was this morning against our buddies on the Black List.

I was playing left wing with Sharon (center) and Murty (right wing) and
our line was en feugo. I didn't have any points in this game but I was
+4 so I can't complain!

Playing with Sharon and Murty is so much fun. I've gotten some good
plays and I'm really hoping to get a point out of it by the end of the
tourney. They're giving me great advice (keep my feet moving; look for
the pass into the center if I'm coming into the zone and a D is closing
in on me).

Our locker room has a large drawing of a, um, male part on the wall and
we've decided it gives us good luck. We'll see whether our luck holds
for game #2 this afternoon!

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