Update from Ted Porter’s

Just a quick update to say that I heard from the mechanic at Ted Porter's Beemer Shop.  The water pump is A-OK, so the next thing to check is the head gasket.  

They went ahead and ordered a new one, which should be at the shop by this coming Wednesday.

In the meantime, they're stripping the bike down to the engine head and said they'd give me a call when they can tell for sure whether it's the head gasket.
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3 Responses to Update from Ted Porter’s

  1. Red says:

    The words “head gasket” combined with “motorcycle” scream $$$s to me.

  2. Alex says:

    Well, the F650 is a thumper, so its not quite as bad as say, an multi-cylinder bike. Biggest deal will likely be getting the cam-chain/cam-drive apart to pull the head off. Cleaning it all out though could be the suckey part. A friend had the freeze plugs in her SV650 pop and turn her oil into a milkshake like that, and we ended up having to run around 4-5 oil changes through the bike until it stopped looking milky.

  3. dave says:

    It’s been 2 weeks and no news – I hope this isn’t bad news. Know how much you like that bike!

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