Tags and snarfs!

We started a new game over at Sport-Touring.net called a photo tag (I ganked it from the F650.com forums, since it looked like a lot of fun).

The rules are simple: someone starts by posting a photo of a place in the Bay Area. The first person to post a photo of their bike in the same place “wins” and then posts the next photo of a place. Lather rinse repeat.

Anyway, Diana knew where the first photo tag was, so I, ha ha, tagged along with her down to San Juan Bautista this morning to photograph her and her bike on the road segment. It turned out to be a corner along San Juan Canyon Road, a fun twisty bit leading up Fremont Peak.


I’d never been up Fremont Peak before, and it was nice…well, actually, the ride UP was pretty painful due to my heated vest having come unplugged. Luckily, all the frost we saw was along the shoulders and not in the road itself. We parked at the highest point we could go (a parking lot between three gates locked with signs saying “closed for season”) to warm up a bit.

Mmmm, European beauties:


We took that first photo, of Diana with the photo tag, on the way back down the hill. Fremont Peak is right next to Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area, and we were treated to seeing/hearing ATVers and dirtbikers out enjoying the sunny day. For some reason, I always think Hollister Hills is farther away than it really is. Peter and I should truck the XTs down there one of these weekends…the trails look SO fun.


Once we were back down in San Juan Bautista, I dragged Diana around the town to snarf three historical markers for Markeroni.com. I now have all of the state historical markers from San Benito County…which sounds more impressive than it is, since it only has five. 😉

We had an amazing lunch at the Mariposa House restaurant at Fourth and Mariposa Streets (about a block away from the San Juan Bautista Historical Park where, not surprisingly, there was a historical marker). Steak sandwich with green chile and garlic mayo, yum.


After lunch and marker-photographing, we had to beeline back to Highway 85 so I could be back for my hockey game. Bummer to have to take freeways, but it was still a nice 120-mile ride on a sunny winter morning. 🙂

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