Harem vs Dates: 1-5

Aren’t these the funniest jerseys EVAR?


Ice Oasis is doing a cool new thing on Saturday afternoons — instead of having four teams playing two games, they’re moving to an hour-long coached practice and then a game of two “squads”. The squads are chosen before each game, so you play with different people every week. This has the benefit of more ice time, more practice time, meeting more people, and having much fuller benches. Wins all around.

Today’s game was awesome, despite the ass whupping we received. 🙂 I played D with a girl named Nicole that I don’t think I’d met before. She impressed me both with her playing and her ability to wear eye makeup throughout the game without winding up looking like a raccoon that’d been punched in the face.

My skating is getting faster. This pleases me greatly. Now I have to wait for my cardiovascular system to catch up a little bit…I’m not good for more than 30-45 second shifts right now. Hup hup, lungs!

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