Route 66, AZ

Route 66, AZ
Route 66, AZ
Route 66, AZ

Somehow, every time I’ve been on this section of Route 66, it’s been at
sunset with the most incredible light. Tonight didn’t disappoint.

We saw a hawk just before stopping for these photos, perched on a
fencepost and watching the sagebrush for dinner.

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  1. Opi says:

    I’m Opi 30 Year Old & I’m From Asia(Indonesia) since i see your pic & road trip, i can say that how nice & pleasure trip because there is no challenge excep the night & dust, but however i salut for the lady’s bike.
    if you’r make a road trip in my country is so more challenge than your touring before because the road in my country is mosly muontain & small road & Beach as you see & jungle. it’s so much fun oh i’m so sorry because i can’t send you the pic of it.
    Brother Hood Life Member

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