Reno, NV

Reno, NV

Because we can’t have normal vacations, Peter and I totally
unintentionally rode into Reno the weekend of Street Vibrations. We sat
in traffic for the 10 miles outside of Reno amongst, parked at the hotel
alongside, and are now mingling in the hotel with eight million of our
closest Harley-riding friends.

The entire ride up Hwy 395 was so full of bikers that I gave up waving
— there were just too many of them. At least one bike for every
car…it made me happy. It was As Things Should Be.

Other than the beer I’m about to drink, my favorite part of the day was
Highways 4 and 89 between Ebbetts Pass and Markleeville. Wide open,
alongside a river (Silver Creek? I’m forgetting and I don’t have a map
handy). Peter reports that he most liked Highway 4 prior to it getting
“crazy narrow”. 🙂

Today’s trip stats: 290 miles in just about 8.5 hours.

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2 Responses to Reno, NV

  1. Phil says:

    C.B.-Do you carry a laptop with wireless capability or are you just finding these computers at these places to use for blogging?
    Curious about your ability to blog on the fly.

  2. Alan R says:

    Who wants normal, anyway? It sounds like you’re having fun. Just be be sure to remember where you park your bike…

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