Pre-coffee humor

The car parked next to me at the hotel has a bumper sticker saying “Don’t blame me — I voted for Rossi!” Obviously not referring to Vale, but it amused me nonetheless.

I disappointed the young waiter this morning by not having come from Burning Man. Alturas is only 100 miles from Gerlach, and I’ve seen a few playa refugees at the restaurant already. Did the Man actually burn right this year? Something went spectacularly wrong with the burn both years I was there…coincidence, I’m sure. 😉

Every so often, I think about my last time at Burning Man (September 2000) — I remember standing on top of the RV, looking at all the LEDs and EL wire, wishing I was riding my motorcycle through the desert alone instead. It amuses me, then, that I spent Burning Man weekend alone in the desert this year. This seems like a nice tradition to start.

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