Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, NV

A crappy Vegas photo for you, courtesy of my crappy phone camera. Too
bad I don’t know anyone at Danger to whom I could suggest looking into
better optics. 😉

Anyway, yeah, we ended up a few miles short of Boulder Creek (our
intended destination), but we’re both happy about it. It started
getting dark just out of Beatty (115 miles NW of Vegas), and the last 80
or so miles have been pitch black.

I don’t really enjoy crossing the desert at night — aside from the
rational fears of animals, road debris, and sudden curves, the nighttime
desert tends to make me a bit agoraphobic. I’m much happier with the
vastness when I can see at least a small bit of it. 😉

Peter reports that his favorite part of the day was when we first came
across the Joshua trees north of Beatty. I loved that, too. There was
one section of Hwy 95 that was absolutely peppered with them.

I remember thinking that we must be along a major thoroughfare, though,
because there were power lines, too. Well, and brothels. If you ever
require “lady services”, Hwy 95 appears to be your place. I especially
liked the one marked with a propeller plane wedged into the ground.

I don’t have the GPS handy for today’s trip stats, but it should be
about 400 miles in about 10 hours.

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