Klamath Falls, OR

I’m safely tucked in for the night in Klamath Falls. I got one of the last hotel rooms in town…I almost turned it down because it’s a smoking room, but I’m glad I took it as three more people came in looking for a room while I was paying (I took the last room at that particular hotel). An open window and fan seems to be helping the smoky smell, plus the clerk gave me a nice discount.

Now I’m waiting for dinner at “Mr B’s Steakhouse” and am enjoying the combination of a Full Sail amber beer and my book, “Scenic Driving: Oregon”. The waitress and a jovial older gentleman at the next table got a kick out of guessing my age while I searched my cargo pants pockets for my ID. I may be pushing 30, but at least no one believes it. 😉

Tomorrow’s fun is going to be a kickass 200+ mile loop in the “Oregon Outback”. I’m especially looking forward to seeing Fort Rock, an ancient volcano rim. Other highlights will be Oregon’s only geyser, Indian petroglyphs, and a bunch of mountain passes. *happysigh*

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