Hwy 31, north of Silver Lake, OR

Hwy 31, north of Silver Lake, OR

I’m allergic as hell to these stupid yellow bushes, but they sure are pretty, aren’t they?

I had a great lunchtime conversation in Silver Lake with a local couple and their…friend? relative?….who’d ridden his bike in from Boise yesterday.

It was one of those tiny mom and pop restaurants (“Silver Lake Cafe and Bar”, not that you’d miss it as I think it’s the only joint in town), and the only open seat was next to this group. We met when the husband said “It’s not *that* warm out, so I bet you’re on a motorcycle!”

We talked bikes, routes, small towns, and the wife, Diane, and I even got a good rip going about strong and independant women. She wore a Nascar baseball cap over frizzy dyed-red hair, and her tank top and shorts showed off quite a few tattoos. She told me great stories about her sister, their daughters, and her 7 year old granddaughter.


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