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G2 v G3: 3-2

Yesterday was my last game with G2. *sniff* There are two more games in the season (this upcoming weekend), but Peter and I will be in Wisconsin for my family reunion. I hear rumors that the next season will start … Continue reading

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Short Riders Got No Reason To Live

My awesome friend Todd posted this over on in response to a post about women motorcyclists in particular and short riders in general. I haven’t laughed so hard in …. well, in a long time. I think Randy Newman … Continue reading

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Ice Oasis Hockey Ride

Heh, I wondered whether I’d ever make a post in both the hockey and motorcycles categories. 😉 Yesterday was the 3rd Annual Ice Oasis Hockey Ride. It was a total blast. We all wore our team jerseys over our normal … Continue reading

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More on the mirror saga

From a post I made on The Saga of My Mirror Search 1. Stock Z750S mirrors. I really like the way the stockers look, and they worked well for me for under 6k RPM. As we know, though, 6k+ … Continue reading

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Mirrors mirrors everywhere

Third time’s the charm with the Z750S mirrors? These are mirrors off a Buell Firebolt. The scuttlebutt on the Zee750 forum is that these mirrors cut down a lot of vibration even though they mount to the same place as … Continue reading

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