G2 v G3: 3-2

Yesterday was my last game with G2. *sniff* There are two more games in the season (this upcoming weekend), but Peter and I will be in Wisconsin for my family reunion.

I hear rumors that the next season will start in September, so now I just wait to get the email telling me when to show up again. šŸ˜‰ I’m going to try out for the red league, but won’t be disappointed if I don’t make it yet. It’ll be fun just to show up and do some practice drills with the better skaters.

Yesterday’s game was pretty fast-paced and lots of fun. We had very few of our “real” team members — lots of people out of town — I think we had five of our teammates and four subs. I played left wing for the entire game, aside from my last shift of the game, which was at center.

I continue to be Teh Suck at receiving passes from my D when I have my butt against the boards and they pass it up from our defensive zone. It seems the puck always either hits my skates or bounces away from me juuuuuuust where I can’t reach it. I think I get confused because I’m facing my D to receive the puck but then need to do a 180 turn to face the opposing goal to actually move with the puck. My puck handling fu, it is weak and cannot kill.

My skating was good yesterday, though. I had a couple of great breakaways and decent shots on goal. I know I was skating hard because my glutes hurt this morning. šŸ˜‰ Hooray for delayed-onset muscle soreness!

Peter took a bunch of pictures again at yesterday’s game; I’ll post a couple when they’re uploaded.

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