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The Saga of My Mirror Search

1. Stock Z750S mirrors.
I really like the way the stockers look, and they worked well for me for under 6k RPM. As we know, though, 6k+ is totally useless. I took three 1000-mile weekends with the stockers before saying “screw this” and starting my mirror search. I just couldn’t see anything behind me…friends, cops, cars, UFOs, nothing. I didn’t feel safe on the freeways.

2. CRG bar end mirrors.
These mirrors work the best of any of the four mirror choices I tried. Even at the dreaded 6k-8k range, the image in the CRGs is crystal clear and has ZERO vibration. That said, I never really liked the way these look on the faired Z (I think they’re sexy on naked bikes). I had trouble with the “normal” placement of the CRGs between the bar end weight and the grip — my hand kept hitting the mirror bracket. So I fabricated spacers to go on the outside of the bar end weight. Again, this worked perfectly but I still just didn’t like the solution. Something didn’t feel right.

3. Napoleon lever-mounted mirrors.
A friend had some old Napoleon mirrors that she wasn’t using, so I borrowed them for a little while. They fit on the bike perfectly and look pretty nice. I didn’t really like the image out of the Naps, though — I guess I’m used to convex mirrors now, and I felt like I could only see things that were in the immediate process of overtaking me. The vibrations were better though (at least, they were given my Salamander bar end weights). If I had the money tree, I’d probably buy some sexy Rizoma convex lever mounted mirrors and give that a whirl, but sadly, I have not said tree.

4. Firebolt (short stalk) mirrors.
I decided on the short stalk version since I don’t have the “look! my shoulders!” problem, and plus, I think they look better than the long stalks. With my whopping 13 miles of experience with these mirrors, they’re the clear winners. Under 6k was of course smooth as silk. 6k-7.5k was still buzzy, but “normal acceptable motorcycle” buzzy, not “stock Z750S” buzzy. 7.5k-9k was better; above 9k was smooth again. I managed to somehow lose the little piece of foam that cushions the righthand dashboard plate, so the right mirror was more buzzy than the left, but even that wasn’t bad. I like the way they look, too. I’m feeling good about these.

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