Not dead! Just busy!

OK, I know I’m in trouble when readers start sending me “are you dead?” email. 😉 I’m not! I promise! Well, mostly not dead, anyway. Only slightly zombified.

Blah blah, the work, it burns, blah blah. You know this is true because it took me 20 minutes, and three work-related interruptions, to write the above.

Let’s see, what have I been up to?

My Wind Dancers friend Laura and I had a nice day ride on Saturday up to Black Diamond Mines in Antioch. I have the map at home, but suffice it to say that we took backroads up and mostly backroads home. I’m looking foward to going back to the park on a day that isn’t 8000 degrees hotter than the sun; there were a lot of neat townsites/cemetery markers/hiking trails, but exploring said attractions in 100F while wearing bike gear? Not so much. The mine tour was really neat though — and cool! Only 60F inside the mine — and well worth the whopping $3 fee.

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I’ve also been spending a bunch of time on wedding planning, which you care about because one honeymoon idea we’re tossing around is to go to Australia and do some off-roading. We’d probably go for a couple of weeks to offset the horrendous plane flight, and there are quite a few dualsport guided tours that offer 3 through 8 day trips. Here are some that I’m drooling over today; they even have rental XT225s. Lots of choices for a really fun and memorable trip!!

Tonight is the monthly dinner, so that’ll be fun. I’ll be driving, sadly, but at least it’s a chance to see people. 🙂 I might try to convince people into doing another dualsport ride. 😉

Speaking of dualsport rides, I’m almost done with the Parkfield trip write-up, really! I hope to have it posted this week.

OK, work calls again….

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