Hotter than the sun.

Peter and I were all psyched to go to Metcalf today, but the heat wave continues. It was 102F WHEN I WOKE UP this morning. Granted, that was in the direct sunlight, but so would we be if we’d gone to Metcalf.

So we’re both spending the day at Apple, which has air conditioning, unlike our house. It’s nice, I’m getting caught up on some ride reports and photo captioning. I gave up on doing anything actually useful. Oh, I did buy a first aid kit for the XT while at Walgreens picking up a prescription. Now I just have to add a couple of extras like finger splints and I’ll be all good. Big ol’ tool tube rocks! Hooray for storage.

The outside thermometer says it’s 103F in the shade now. Yay. The one downside to Apple is that apparently, no one here is an alcoholic like we are at Danger. Their hallway fridges are stocked with things like water bottles. How strange! I must leave the building to forage for an ice cold beer now. Be back in a bit…and I’ll post the dualsport ride report. šŸ˜‰

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