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Bar risers for Peter’s XT

Step two in Operation Make The XT Fit Mutant Tall Person: bar risers! Here’s the write-up. This one was even easier than the footpegs.

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G2 v G3: 3-1

Woo! We won a game!!! And woo! I scored a goal!!! OK, that’s enough exclamation points for this entry. But still, woo. Belmont was surprisingly dry tonight after Sunday’s wading-pool game. Judging from others’ comments about Belmont in the summer, … Continue reading

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Motorcycle songs

Today’s iPod playlist was all motorcycle-related songs. The Other Kind, Steve Earle I’m back out on that road again, turn this beast into the wind There are those that break and bend, I’m the other kind I’m the other kind … Continue reading

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Photos from last night’s game

Peter took a bunch of photos from last night’s game here. Here’s one of the aforementioned Carolyn/Cree battle. 😉 I’m Green #38 (blue stick) and Cree is the white player with the yellow stick. Here’s a nice one of Kim … Continue reading

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G2 vs G1: 1-4

Our continually-unnamed NCWHL team, G2, played Kim’s team (G1) last night at Lake Belmont. At the beginning of the season, we were all complaining that it was impossible to see the painted lines under the ice at Belmont; well, we … Continue reading

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